Broomball League Signup

So you're not sure how you feel about squeezing your size 12's in a pair of leather skates, huh? And sliding a smushed bowling ball across the ice in hopes of hitting a "bull's eye" doesn't excite you? Well then, we have the sport for you………….BROOMBALL!


You and a close group of friends can wear your trusty ol' tennis shoes and run, at MACH 2 speeds over the ice while trying to shoot a ball into a net with a plastic broom. It is the non-skater's version of hockey! Sounds fun, right?

Broomball is very similar to hockey requiring, speed, agility and a desire to win! Participants will be supplied with helmets, brooms, and other necessary equipment. However, all players MUST provide knee pads, elbow pads and a mouth piece.

We highly recommend shoes with good traction. Those 20 year-old Nike's might not be suitable. If you're interested in learning and perfecting the sport of BROOMBALL, please fill out the information form below and return it to Nikki Copeland. Contact her at (865)218-4500 ext. 106 or

We need at least 4 teams to make this sport eventful, so start getting your buddies signed up. A league meeting is scheduled for Monday October 13th at 8:45pm. Refreshments will be served.

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