Broomball at the Icearium

If you're looking for something exciting to do after work, but are unsure what's happening around Knoxville, then call the ICEARIUM.

Drop-in Broomball Schedule
Monday Feb. 23rd: 10:20pm-11:20pm
Monday Mar. 1st: 9:50pm-11:05pm
Monday Mar. 8th: 9:50pm-11:05pm (tenative)

All particpants must sign-in & pay at the front counter and first time players will need to sign a waiver.
See you all on the ice!!! Remember….don’t forget your knee and elbow pads. Protect your bodies!

Adult Leagues

Team A -- Captain Paul Witt
Nikki Copeland
Vann Forrester
Robin Sheldon
John Dixon

Team B -- Captain Kenney Boles
John Scott
Ray Williams
Tamara Breedan
Thomas Heaton
Rob Saucier

Team C -- Captain Greg Williams
Emily Wagner
Sean Gang
Bobby Price
Ryan Jackson??

Team D -- Capatin Jeff Holbert
Justin Spurling
Josh Canada
Thomas Skibinski
Greg Hendrixson

Players interested in joining a team should contact Nikki Copeland at (865) 218-4500 x 106 or by e-mail at Broomball games occur on Monday evenings, starting in March, from 9:50pm-11:05pm. Games run for 10 weeks with a Championship Game at the end of the season.



 What is Broomball?

brutal game?

 Broomball is an ice sport that does not require any ice skating abilities what-so-ever! Just throw on an old pair of sneakers, knee and elbow pads and slide on in. There have been different accounts of when and where the first broomball games occurred in the World. Saskatchewan and Montreal argue they were the host to the first game with dates on the first game estimated to be in the early 1900s. An unconfirmed story from a Swedish historian has the game dating back to 1000 years ago when Vikings played a brutal form of broomball that was called knattleikr. A stick and ball was used and shoes with tar and sand were used for traction on the ice. .

Only 3 items of equipment are mandatory

The equipment used by the players is very similar to that of ice hockey; and in most cases, it is hockey equipment that is used. However, in broomball, a player can play the game with the only three items of equipment that are mandatory: special broomball shoes, the broom, and a regular protective helmet.

Recreational & Pro Broomball

Recreational Broomball teams are easily formed since the skill of skating is not a prerequisite and the initial equipment costs are low.

The ice surface could be called the great equalizer in Broomball as it allows men, women and children to play on a more equal basis, especially at the recreational level.

Skaters joining us for our evening weekend public sessions can partake in the Broomball fever. Towards the end of the session, 1/3 of the ice surface is coned off and skaters are invited to trade in their skates for a broom and helmet. Come see what all of the buzz is about!!

For further information or to get an Adult Broomball Team together, contact Nikki Copeland, Broomball Director, at (865) 218-4500 x 106 or

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