Customer Service at the Icearium
You can expect the highest customer service at the Icearium. The following are just some
of the ways the Icearium will make your experience more enjoyable:

touch-screen registers -The Icearium touch-screen registers at the Registration/Skate Rental area to accommodate getting everyone on the ice as quickly as possible. Even registering for instructional classes will be a breeze because of our setup.

-The Icearium has purchased two sets of portable dasherboard dividers to divide the ice into halves or thirds:

portable dasherboard dividers
This will give our groups the opportunity to choose which ice sports they would like to participate in during their ice rental. For instance if they divided the ice into halves, they could play broomball on one half and learn to Curl on the other half. Or if the groups want to experience the full gammit of ice sports, the Icearium staff will put two rink dividers out on the ice in order to curl, play broomball and ice skate all at the same time!

We have already booked a few school groups and they have opted to divide the rink into thirds in order to experience these three ice sports. Most children will want to try all three ice sports while their group is at our facility. The Icearium staff will be flexible with your needs to provide your group exactly the kind of activities you would like to participate in.

-The Icearium will feature on-line enrollments for all instructional classes and most of our leagues. On-line enrollments for Learn to Skate and Hockey classes will begin on Wednesday November 13.

Example of transaction statement

Example of transaction statement

-Membership Cards: The Icearium will offer Membership Cards to our customers to use in any area of our facility.

Membership cards will be free for those signing up for any of our instructional classes or leagues. These cards will have a magnetic stripe and the card will be swiped every time the customer registers or purchases items in the concessions or pro-shop area.

A member will receive special discounts within the facility. A great feature of the membership cards will be the opportunity to put a cash balance onto the card, thus eliminating the need to carry cash into the facility.

A parent can even limit the amount per transaction of how much their child can spend within the facility (eliminating the shock of seeing 10 Cokes and 10 candy bars purchased on December 26!).

Each member will have their picture on file to insure their security when their card is swiped.

Customers will be sent monthly activity statements on the first of the month detailing all card transactions the previous month.
Membership Card

Example of member card

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