Facility Information

The Icearium will be constructed in two phases:

Phase I consists of 50,000 square foot facility with one NHL size ice surface (200' x 85') and seating capacity for approximately 300 people.

Phase II will include a second NHL-size ice surface and an expansion of the full-service facility entrance lobby area.

Supporting facilities include:

4 locker rooms each containing a shower and restroom
3 hospitality rooms
Full line pro shop featuring professional skate sharpening.
Icearium will have figure skating, hockey, curling and broomball equipment as well as Icearium clothing apparel.
Full-service concession area featuring pizza, hamburgers, pasta and healthy choice meals.
Numerous flat-screen TV's throughout the facility featuring DVD/VCR and satellite TV programming.
Skate fitting and rental area. We have 3 types of skates to choose from when renting: 1) Risport figure skates 2) Flight hockey skates 3) K2 hockey skates. More than 600 rental skates (all sizes).

The Icearium is one of the few facilities in the country to offer our guests the opportunity to participate in three different ice sports in one single session! Everyone will have chance to try curling, broomball and ice skating in one session!

We invested to the indoor climate control system (dehumidification) , so stay and sport activities in the Icearium will be more comfortable - no matter what outside weather conditions are.

 Why is it important to dehumidify the air in an ice rink:?

Moisture is a big problem for ice rinks during the summer. As a result, many area rinks are forced to shut down during the most humid months of the year, usually from July to September.

Year-round operation of indoor ice arenas requires humidity control to stop several problems, including fog, mold growth and dripping. Because the ice sheet cools the building, moisture-laden air from outdoors condenses on anything below the "Dewpoint".

The Dehumidification unit purchased by the Icearium will eliminate these problems. Skaters will appreciate improved and safe(!) ice conditions, and spectators are more comfortable.

How does it work?
A dessicant dehumidification system is the best way to dehumidify an indoor ice arena because of its low dewpoint capability. Instead of condensing moisture out of the air like an air conditioner, it is removed directly using a durable, permanent rotor that attracts moisture. This moisture is simply expelled outside.

What are the benefits of dehumidification?

* No Fog- eliminates condensation on boards, glass, and building steel.

* No Dripping- Low humidity prevents condensation on building
structure and will eliminate dangerous conditions on ice surface (bumps)

* No Mold- Mildew and mold cannot survive at these low humidity levels.

* Operate all Year- provides December humidity even in July!

* Faster ice - Frosting occurs as moisture droplets in the air refreeze on the ice surface, causing resistance and slower surface speeds.

These are just a few examples of how the Icearium will have the fastest and safest ice surface in the State of Tennessee!

ice arena without dehumidification system:
fog, bumps on ice, dripping from the roof, etc.

ice arena with dehumidification system: no fog, no bumps, no mold, no dripping, operate all year


Our electric Zamboni will ensure healthy air

The Iceariuml proudly features an Electric Zamboni! Zamboni has been making ice resurfacing machines for over 60 years and the electric version has become very popular with new ice skating facilities.

The individual operations performed by a zamboni are:

Shaving: A razor sharp blade extends from one side of the conditioner to the other. This blade shaves the surface of the ice and the depth of this shave can be controlled by the operator.

Collecting the Shavings: A horizontal screw conveyor gathers the shavings and loose snow from above the blade and moves them to the center of the conditioner. The horizontal conveyor then throws this material into the lower end of the vertical snow conveyor. The vertical screw then lifts the snow shavings and propels them into the snow collection tank. These shavings are later dumped into a melting pit away from the ice surface.

Washing the ice: Water is gradually fed from the wash water tank to the conditioner where it washes the surface and flushes dirt out of the grooves left in the ice. This dirty water is then vacuumed up by the water pump, filtered and returned to the wash water tank.

Renewing the Ice: Following the wash operation, a thin coat of fresh hot water is spread onto the ice by a towel at the rear of the conditioner.


  Sponsorship Opportunities
We welcome any businesses who would like to act as sponsors at the Icearium. We still have a room for extensive place for advertising that will be viewed by the large number of visitors to our facility. Please e-mail or telephone management further details.

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