Learn to Skate at the Icearium
 What is the Learn to Skate Program?

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The Icearium sponsors a variety of Ice Skating Institute (ISI) Learn To Skate classes. Skaters, regardless of age or skill are encouraged to progress according to their individual abilities.

Ice skating holds essential elements for boys and girls to acquire: self-esteem, confidence, physical development, mental development, sense of dedication and determination and lasting friendships.

Our classes will help skaters advance their proficiency on the ice by acquiring the necessary skills to pursue their goals in the sport.

The ISI Program is divided into seven separate classes according to various skills levels

IMPORTANT: It is better to enroll your child in a class level that is too low than to enroll in a level that may be defeating to your child's self-esteem.

 Class Descriptions for the Learn to Skate Program

Tot Program
Tot program offers specialized instruction for skaters between the ages of 3-5 years old, emphasizing fun, but skaters will learn a lot about gliding, marching and moving forward and backward. Child must wear gloves and helmet for protection.
Earn each of the four colorful Tot badge awards.
For beginners, as it introduces them to the wonderful world of skating. Emphasizing fun and security, it quickly generates confidence. The new skater develops skills of balance, makes new friends, and ... earns the ISI Pre-Alpha patch.
For the skater who has completed the Pre-Alpha class or who has some skating experience. Emphasis is placed on: forward stroking, forward crossovers and simple stops. After testing skater earns the ISI Alpha patch.
For the skater who has completed the Alpha level of instruction. The Beta class will provide direction and competency in: backward stroking, backward crossovers and T-stops with each foot. After testing skater earns the ISI Beta patch.
For the skater who has completed the Beta level of instruction. Emphasis is placed on learning: forward outside edge 3-turns, inside mohawks, forward edges, as well as a hockey stop. After testing skater earns the ISI Gamma patch.
Delta level is the last basic level. The class covers: forward edges, inside edge 3-turns, bunny hops, lunges, shoot the duck plus some freestyle moves.
After completion of the basic, Pre-Alpha - Delta levels, skater can move on to the Freestyle classes.
There are 10 levels in Freestyle which all include different jumping, footwork, spinning, and other advance moves. For example: in Freestyle 1 - waltz jump, 2 foot spin, backward edges, etc.

Freestyle skaters may also want to progress through any of the following levels: Figures levels 1-10, Couples levels 1-10, Team Skating, Pairs levels 1-10, Dance levels 1-10, etc.


Classes will be limited to (10) students per class according to level and age. There will only be (2) "make-up" students allowed per class. Class will be cancelled if less than (3) students enroll in that class. Enroll online or call 218-4500.


All classes includes:

One (30) minute lesson per week as listed, Skate Rental, FREE Public Session admission on the day of class for practice and an additional (3) Public Session admissions card including Skate Rental for use anytime.

Practice during any one of the Icearium Public Session times is strongly encouraged.


Membership fee is $10.00 per year. Ice Skating Institute Learn-to-Skate Program is a fun recreational ice skating program for all age and abilities. You'll learn basic and advanced skating skills and earn colorful badges for each completed level.

Membership benefits are:

a) $5,000 excess Accident Insurance Policy
b) Personalized Membership Card
c) Recreational Ice Skating Magazine (4 issues per year)
d) Opportunities to perform locally and nationally.

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You can download membership form and mail it I.S.I. or pay them by credit card on-line.

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